Silvercar review: a nice and luxury rental car

'Car rental that doesn't suck', their slogan.

Silvercar is a new start-up company that shakeup an old industry known for poor customer experience: airport car rental. They call themselves as the world's first hassle-free car rental company. So, how good are these cars?

Why Choose Silvercar?

- No lines, and no need any paperwork.

- All of Silvercar’s cars are Audi A4s, known as an elegant and fun car that is neither too flashy nor too muscular.

- Rented at around $89 per weekday, counting on the airport, a value that matches what one would pay at an outsized rental for a lower-class car.

- Every car has features; free GPS, free wi-fi, bluetooth-enabled, fair toll tracking, and more (at no extra cost).

How to Reserve?

1. To get the car, simply download Silvercar mobile apps from your Android or iPhone devices.

2. Go to the parked Silvercar's rental cars around the airport, and you don't have to be confuse to choose which car, coz they're all identical Audi A4s and then scan a QR code on the windscreen unlock the car.

3. When you're done, just drop off your Silvercar and your receipt is instantly emailed.

The Locations and the Price?

- From Los Angeles (LAX) Airport $59/$89 Weekend/Weekday
- From Phoenix (PHX) for an Introductory Rate of $59 a Day
- From Austin (AUS) Airport $59/$89 Weekend/Weekday
- From San Francisco (SFO) Airport $59/$89 Weekend/Weekday
- From Miami (MIA) for an Introductory Rate of $59 a Day
- From Dallas Love Field (DAL) Airport $59/$89 Weekend/Weekday
- From Denver (DIA) for $89 a Day

(Rates could change and vary depending on seasonality).


New Customers Get $50 Off Your First Audi A4 Rental of 2 Days or More. Use Promo Code: AFF-FTD

Testimonies about Silvercar

Other testimonies

“At Silvercar, we don’t like inefficiency. There is a better way. We can do it better.”
Luke Schenider (Silvercar CEO), on


Holiday Rental Apartments in Europe with a Cozy Reading Nook

Planned a vacation to Europe?

Some people will looking for a vacation homes with a swimming pool, or a bright terrace, or maybe floral gardens. But some booklovers will be just fine with a comfort sofa near a bookshelf.

Here's some holiday rental apartments in Europe with a cozy reading nook, from Vienna, Madrid, to Florence.

1. Argentinierstrasse, Vienna apartment

This one has a very sof-colored interior, a bit classic, and has a terrace with a stunning garden view, which could be alternative reading spot.

Happened to be on the second floor building of the Innere Stadt, the stylish and compact Weiden district equals it within the fashion stakes. You’ll be accessible the glorious Belvedere Palace and right within the thick of historical Vienna. Off course, a lot of romantic moment waits ahead of Klimt’s work of art ‘The Kiss’ in the Belvedere repository. And the well-known Spittelberg market is near, so you'll be able to deck the halls as the locals.

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2. Huertas de Moratin, Madrid apartment

This simple but nice apartment also has a 'Harry Potter reading nook', the private one on the loft. It's not too spacious, but well enough for a rich bookshelf. It is situated in the Picturesque Huertas, which was home to Miguel de Cervantes. We could always sit and write some prose or maybe a diary in a tapas bar. With such a lot of tasty treats around, you'll be able to write off your next travel plans. The gorgeous streets also have a number of the greatest tapas taverns within the town.

Madrid apartments

3. Flora Rustica, Florence apartment

This vacation home has bookshelves all around the the house. A small but well-design one in the living room, then another one near the bathroom, and one more on the second floor, with a private and comfort sofa.

Need a little walk after reading? Well, we can take a look around the historical centre of Florence. The Duomo is known as for its Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral, which is one among the world's biggest art collections within the area. First up, is the cathedral, then Brunelleschi's Dome and town views which will rival the spectacular art. From here you’re simply a stroll away to the Uffizi gallery, Palazzo Medici and also the Galleria dell'Academia, with Michelangelo's David, is near in San Marco. Mamma mia, such a lot to see!

4. Antique Class, Florence Apartment

As the name implies, this apartment looks classy in an antique interior. A Virginia Woolf's or Jane Eyre's I'm sure will suit the room. This one is located near the bohemian Oltrarno area lies across the river Arno from the Duomo. We should spend some time in the afternoon taking a walk to the Piazzale Michelangelo, where we’ll find some of the coolest views over the town. Here you'll be able to decide what you most want to see and do in Oltrarno. Great frescos in the Palazzo Pitti? A cappuccino at the Piazza Santo Spirito? Or find more of the age-old center across the Ponte Vecchio bridge.

Florence Apartments

Chateau Le Rosey: Historical Hotel in Vienna

Looking for historical hotel in Vienna? Chateau Le Rosey is one right choice.

Located in the village of Bursins, at the heart of the La Côte region, exactly half way between Geneva and Lausanne.

The château was initial inbuilt the first thirteenth century, enclosed by vineyards. All 10 styles of grapes fully grown on the estate are harvested by hand, keep with the le Rosey’s approach to wine-making supported close attention to detail and tradition.

The château at Rosey showcases our notion of design, that encompasses restorations, landscaping, modern design, piece of furniture style and decoration.

Apartments Europe

All of the château's piece of furniture and décor, from door handles to beds, and even the lamps and bottle coolers, are restricted editions designed by capital of South Dakota Bouvier.

The south-facing vineyards are settled between 430 and 470 metres on top of lowland. The whole incline is indeed what's left of the proper bank Rhône ice mass ground. The soil may be a light-weight to medium-light alcalescent clay, each gravelly and sandy. The vine-stocks, some over 35 years recent are cropped in keeping with the seamount medium-tall technique. Planting stands at over 6 stocks per square measure.

Magnificent country house, close enough to Geneva airport, however in an exceedingly divine village amongst the vineyards. Owner creator has fondly fixed up a powerful country house geological dating back to round the 1300s. Finest attention to detail in restoration and nonetheless adding his in person designed fashionable components mix to form a seriously luxurious and classy boutique hotel and wine maker. Splendid garden and vineyards with wonderful wine maker within the lower level. Excellent for a wedding or important celebration or simply for a wine tasting weekend. Employees were fantastic with gorgeous breakfast served within the feeding area with a hearth to die for.

Apartments Europe


The Luxurious Maybach

Maybach Exelero at the Concours d'Elegance

Maybach-Motorenbau GmbH may be the most luxurious German automotive manufacturer. It absolutely was founded in 1909 by Wilhelm Maybach and his son. The corporate was originally a subsidiary of Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH and was itself called Luftfahrzeug-Motorenbau GmbH till 1912.

In 1997, Mercedes-Benz presented at the Tokyo Motorshow a luxury concept automotive underneath the name Mercedes-Benz Maybach (V12, 5987 cc, 550 hp). Mercedes-Benz set to develop and market the automotive underneath the only real brand of Maybach, as parent Daimler wished an ultra-luxury marque to compete with Rolls-Royce and Bentley, that recently came underneath the possession of Daimler's domestic rivals BMW and Volkswagen cluster. Maybach was so revived as a complete within the early 2000s. The corporate offered varied choices for purchasers to personalise their vehicles, and provides varied equipment mixtures.

Production of the new model commenced in 2 sizes — the Maybach 57 and therefore the Maybach 62. The numbers are equal to the lengths of the vehicles in decimetres. In 2005, the new 57S was added, sporting a 6.0L V12 bi-turbo engine, manufacturing 604 bhp (450 kW) and 737 lb·ft (999 N·m) of torque, and that includes varied cosmetic touches.

Apartments Europe

To promote the new Maybach line, Mercedes-Benz has tapped public figures to act as complete ambassadors, as well as Maybach heir Ulrich Schmid-Maybach, golfer Nick Faldo and in 2006 rap music icon Jay-Z featured the restricted edition Maybach Exelero (coupe) in his ground breaking music video entitled "Lost One". The video was 1st released on December 4, 2006, Jay-Z's 37th birthday and notably options the rare concept automotive Maybach Exelero owned by diamond mogul André Action Jackson.

Initially, Daimler-Chrysler predicted annual sales of 2,000 international units with five hundredth coming back from the United States; but, such lofty sales expectations never materialized. In 2007 Mercedes bought back twenty nine US dealers, reducing the full from 71 to 42. In 2010, solely 157 Maybachs were sold worldwide, compared to 2,711 sales of equally priced Rolls-Royces.

Anyway, rapper Rick Ross has named his record label Maybach Music cluster in reference to the automotive complete, the label's emblem being a variation of the automotive brand's. Ross conjointly released one referred to as Maybach Music 2, one version of a track that has appeared in numerous variations on 3 of his albums.

Machbach price

The base value of a 2009 Maybach 57 is $344,000; the Maybach 57 S, $381,000; the Maybach 62, $394,000; the Maybach 62 S, $430,000, and therefore the Maybach Landaulet semi convertible prices simply over one million. The Maybach 57 Zeppelin is priced at €406,000 ($580,000) and therefore the 62 Zeppelin at €473,200 ($677,000).

Maybach 57 Diecast Car Model 1/43 Himalayas Grey Dark/Himalayas Grey Bright Die Cast Car by Autoart

Karl Maybach: His Engines And Automobiles

MMG Presents: Self Made, Vol. 1

Iced Out Rick Ross Maybach Pendant w/36" Franco Chain Black

The World's Most Luxurious Valentines Day Gift

Alex Caroll is attempting to auction off a 20-million year old naturally sum formed horologe of Bali star Coral on February 14, Valentines Day. This could be the world's most luxurious Valentines day gift with a beginning bidding of $1 million.

The money elevated from the vendue of this rare horologe will be used for brotherly love determinations. The delivering the goods bidder can take a charity work according to his wish.

Caroll names this wondrous horologe as "The Crown Jewel of the Sea". He said that it is the largest gather up.
Unlike the Breguet clocks of which copies and replicas have already been made, this one is impossible to copy or replicate.

The creator is a veteran media vet, having been a node on over 1,400 TV SET & radio set shows and appeared in hundreds of magazines, papers and digital media mercantiles establishment and he also has contacts to the royal family.

Will Prince William get the clock for his rook and the pendent for Kate with all the gains going to their charity? It's quite possible. The worlds largest collection of rare clocks is displayed in Buckingham Palace, and both William and Kate enjoy the beach (they spent their honeymoon there).

Pic from

Apartments Europe

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Five Things I Dreamed about Vienna

Vienna, known as the City of Dreams, for there was born the world's leading psychologists who likes to analyze dreams, Sigmund Freud.

So, here I will try to 'describe my own dreams', of Vienna. :)

credit: flickr

1. Leisures at green areas.

There is hardly another city in the world where you will find more green areas than in Vienna. There are so many city parks in Vienna. The Stadtpark, the Burggarten, the Volksgarten (part of the Hofburg), the Schlosspark at Schloss Belvedere (home to the Vienna Botanic Gardens), the Donaupark, the Schönbrunner Schlosspark, the Prater, the Augarten, the Rathauspark, the Lainzer Tiergarten, the Dehnepark, the Resselpark, the Votivpark, the Kurpark Oberlaa, the Auer-Welsbach-Park and the Türkenschanzpark.

My dreamed is just sitting around on one of those parks, reading a book, or listening to musics, while having some fresh air. We have not much city parks here in Indonesia. But we do have jungles. But, we won't 'sitting around reading a book' in jungles, right?!

2. Cycling around the city.

As we all know, the city of Vienna prides itself for being particularly bicycle-friendly. I will choose this recommended route:
Tulln to Klosterneuburg: Take you bike on the train from Vienna to Tulln; there, do some sightseeing in this nice little town and start your tour along the Danube. Some 20 kilometres further down, you arrive Klosterneuburg, yet another pretty place. Here I recommend to stop by for a Heurigen wine tavern and do the final 5ish kilometres to Vienna by bike or catch a train that takes you back.

Apartments Europe

3. Music and dance.

As music is one of Vienna's legacies, for that I dreamed to be able to enjoy as many works of legendary musicians there. Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, and a lot more. Not to mention the opera and the balls. I dreamed to be able to witness the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra someday, and visiting one or two balls at nights.

(Want some Philharmonic Orchestra, click here: New Year's Concert 2012)

4. Luxury chocolate cakes.

It's called Sachertorte. World's most delicious chocolate cake. Or that's what they say. :(

(for you who loves cake-making, this is a great book: Austrian Desserts and Pastries: 108 Classic Recipes)

5. Cheap flights to Vienna.

Since Vienna has this rank as the best living standard in the world, of course i dreamed to exactly live at Vienna.

There are 99 cities which flights to Indonesia, and one of them is Vienna. They have cheap flights from Vienna to Indonesia, but i haven't find any cheap flights from Indonesia to Vienna. :(

Apartments Europe

Lonely Planet Austria (Country Travel Guide)

Wikipedia: Vienna
Cycling around Vienna: Explore Vienna's Surroundings by Bike